Mr. Shifty team apologizes for “even Zelda stutters” remark about criticism

Last week we did some streaming of Mr. Shifty and noticed that the game has some framerate problems and stuttering issues on the Switch. We reached out to the developers to ask them about the game’s problems and they stated a patch is on the way, but not before an unfortunate situation unfolded on Twitter.

Someone tweeted the devs to ask them about the framerate problems on the Switch version, to which they responded saying that “even Zelda stutters” on the Switch and they recommended this person to get the game on Steam instead.

Now in an AMA on r/nintendo, the team has apologized for making that remark.

“I’m just very sorry that the stress on everyone involved created this situation. Some things were said that shouldn’t have been, and we didn’t do a good job with communicating here. I hope this post brings some context to what’s going on.”

So what is the team doing to address the issues that are appearing on the Switch version of the game? The team says they’re working on a patch that should help improve framerates and performance on all versions of the game, but no timeframe was given for that patch in the AMA, which is unfortunate.

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