Mr. Shifty launching next week on Switch eShop for $14.99

Mr. Shfty, the lightning-fast heist game where you take out enemies in an effort to complete over 140 levels, is finished and coming to the Nintendo Switch next week.

Team Shifty and tinyBuild GAMES made the announcement last night, complete with an anecdote about the game’s performance on the Switch from the developer:

“As a personal opinion, Mr. Shifty plays fantastic on the Switch. There’s something very satisfying about HD Rumble and playing it in portable mode. Our team at tinyBuild Seattle worked on impossible timelines with Team Shifty in Australia to bring it to the Switch alongside the Steam launch, and I really hope everyone will appreciate the result.”

In Mr. Shifty, you’ll play as a man with shifting power that let him teleport through objects an enemies. Because enemies can one-shot you in this game, you’ll need to gain mastery of these powers and utilize anything in the environment around you to survive.

The announcement trailer made this game look balls-to-the-wall fun, so we’re excited to get our hands on this when it launches on the eShop on April 13th. Oh yeah, it’s also only $14.99!

[via Gamingcypher]