Monster Hunter 3 Wii U bundle unboxing

Japanese gamers usually get exclusives that North Americans and Europeans don’t. It’s usually special game bundles and limited edition consoles in fancy colors. For the Wii U, it’s a Deluxe bundle containing Monster Hunter 3. It’s called the “Monster hunter Tri G HD Wii U Premium Set”.

The bundle includes a copy of the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, a 32 GB Wii U console, a GamePad, a Wii U Pro controller, and some console stands and accessories. Basically it’s the same as the Deluxe set in North America, only instead of Nintendo Land, it’s Monster Hunter 3 + a Pro controller.

The Wii U just launched in Japan. Check an unboxing of the set below. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released in the West early next year.