More reports suggest SNES Mini is coming this year

We’ve heard rumors before about Nintendo releasing an SNES Mini (Super Nintendo mini) this year, and now we have more reports suggesting just that: Nintendo is gearing up to release the SNES Mini for this Holiday season.

The report cites anonymous GameStop managers who said that SNES Mini hardware is coming this holiday season in the Fall.

One manager reportedly said “With these plug-and-play systems, they [Nintendo] want headlines and foot traffic”, i.e. they want more people in the stores to potentially buy the Switch and 3DS, and they want the SNES Mini to generate press.

The NES Mini was announced last July and released last November, and it was a massive success that took Nintendo completely by surprise.

If they are making an SNES Mini, hopefully they have learned a few things about supply and demand and will have enough units available. Earlier this month Nintendo said just that: we’ve learned a lot from the NES Mini.

Now they just need to apply that to the new mini console.

More reports suggest SNES Mini is coming this year