More evidence suggests Shovel Knight is coming to Super Smash Bros.


Last week we published a story about a Spanish retailer putting up a Shovel Knight amiibo for pre-order on their website. While the images for that were obviously pre-rendered, we’ve seen numerous times that pre-orders from retailers have revealed upcoming amiibo plans, specifically with the Splatoon three-pack.

Now Nintendo Life is reporting that they’ve been in contact with several sources within the retail scene who can confirm that Shovel Knight is on the way. That’s not too surprising, considering this upcoming weekend is PAX Prime, where Shovel Knight’s Plague of Shadows DLC will be playable on the show floor.

Yacht Club Games themselves have been dropping hints about an upcoming announcement for Nintendo platforms, especially with the press release sent out yesterday detailing the Plague of Shadows DLC. The snippet included in that seems to suggest something big.

We’ve heard the cries of bringing more exclusive content to Nintendo platforms. It might not be quite what you expect… but keep an eye out for another MEGATON announcement soon!

Will Nintendo announce something at the show?