More details on Sheldon’s Picks in Splatoon’s update


Earlier this week we detailed four of the upcoming weapons in a new update for Splatoon that will bring a total of eight new weapons, dubbed Sheldon’s Picks. These weapons are modified versions of weapons already available in game, with modified secondary attacks to make them feel different from the usual fare.

Today we’re having a final look at the four weapons included in this update, including the Soda Slosher, Refurbished Mini Splatling Gun, Tempered Dynamo Roller, and the Bamboozler 14 Mk III.


The Soda Slosher has Splat Bombs and the Inkzooka as a secondary, giving it ranged power that other sloshers just don’t have. For players that feel as though the slosher requires ambushes and much too close combat, the Inkzooka secondary should give you some distance.


The Refurbished Mini Splatling differs from other Splatlings in that it features Burst Bombs as the sub weapon and Bomb Rush as its special. You’ll be able to ink a big area in a short amount of time with this fully charged weapon.


The Tempered Dynamo Roller is a heavy-weight roller with great mobility. It also has a Seeker as a sub weapon and the Killer Wail as a special, making it a great defensive weapons to protect turf that’s already been inked.


The Bamboozler 14 Mk III has Burst Bombs available as its sub weapon and Inkstrike as its power up, which makes it a powerful sniper rifle for those who like to pick off enemies from a distance.