Monster Hunter XX Switch version not coming to the West

Bad news inbound: Capcom has confirmed that it has no plans to bring Monster Hunter XX to the West. The game will only be released in Japan (where it will also get a Switch console bundle).

Monster Hunter XX was released on the 3DS earlier this year and was successful enough for Capcom to decide to bring the game to the Switch this Fall. The game is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations, with some additional content.

The Switch version, which will only be released on Japan, will feature high-res graphics and audio, and will have a cross-play compatibility with the 3DS version.

Capcom is currently working on Monster Hunter World, a brand new entry in the series set for release next year. However, it won’t be coming to the Switch, only the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Are you disappointed that Monster Hunter XX won’t be released in the West? Or rather, how disappointed are you?