Monster Hunter 4 will feature Mario, Luigi, and Zelda themed items [VIDEO]

On Sunday, A Japanese Nintendo Direct was held to give more details on the upcoming title, Monster Hunter 4. Perhaps some of the coolest editions to the newest entry in the Monster Hunter series are new items inspired by Mario, Luigi, and Zelda.

Below is a video recording from Sunday’s Nintendo Direct. At the beginning you can see new Mario and Luigi Felyne costumes for companion characters. If you skip ahead to about 24 minutes into the video, you will see a Link costume and other Zelda themed weapons that can be equipped by your character.

Monster Hunter 4 is set to release on Sept. 15 in Japan for Nintendo 3DS, with no tentative release dates for any other regions. Does the inclusion of these new Nintendo themed items make you want to play this game even more? Let us know in the comments.

Personally, I’d love to use a Hylian shied and the Master Sword to take down some of these behemoths.