Monster Hunter 4 announced for US and Europe

It was announced on Capcom Unity that Monster Hunter 4 will finally be coming to the west. Much like Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, the western version will be based on the Japanese Monster Hunter 4 G, meaning that it will have extra content compared to the original game, such as new monsters and weapons.

Monster Hunter 4 contains new mechanics and features compared to older games in the series. One such new addition is the ability to use more vertical ranges of movement, such as climbing, jumping and pole vaulting, allowing for more fluid and dynamic hunting experience. Internet co-op, which was absent in the previous 3DS title, will also be available once again.

Monster Hunter 4 was originally released in Japan on September 14th of last year. The enhanced version of the game is currently in development and will be released sometime in early 2015 for both Japan and the US and Europe exclusively for the 3DS.

What do you all think of this? Are you excited that we’re getting a western release? Let us know in the comments!

[Source Capcom Unity]