MOG Gets in on the Chrome Notebook Action

After seeing LucidChart, Zoho, and promoting their Cr-48 addiction, apparently the cutting edge crew at MOG couldn’t go without putting in their two cents. They didn’t launch a contest like the others (or did they?), but Google went ahead and called them out in a blog post as Chrome Notebook lovers. Check out the MOG BLOG saying that “MOG wants to hook you up…”

Check this out… they offer a link to sign up for a Chrome Notebook that LOOKS like a generic link, right? But at the end you see “?referrer=comktg2” is tacked on. I’m guessing that’s a unique code to identify that THESE people signing up for the Chrome Notebook are coming from MOG and you’ll likely have a better chance, and additional entry, for signing up with this link.

MOG is actually a really cool service itself and worth checking out both their regular service and their Chrome Web App. Take a look at an official demo of their mobile apps to get an idea of what they’re all about: