MiKandi releases Mint List for adults, the very first third-party Chrome app store [NSFW]

Adult entertainment is a touchy business. Especially for the consumer, who is usually searching endlessly for good, quality material. What is found instead? A long list of spam-filled websites, annoying ads and even scams. One company stands above everyone else in mobile, though. That is MiKandi, of course. The popular mobile app creator has just made the jump to Chrome with Mint List, an adult entertainment app store.

This happens to be the very first third-party app store for Chrome, in fact. But why use MiKandi when you can look for your goodies straight from Google Search? The point here is that MiKandi curates and tests the best content online, which is also rated by the community.

You can have peace of mind and be sure that you will not be ripped off or annoyed by all the issues that come with finding adult entertainment online. Your adult web apps, themes and extensions will be perfectly healthy.


Achieving this wasn’t simple for MiKandi, as Google strives to create a flawless distribution of HTML 5. This means the Search Giant is keeping things a bit restricted, and not as open as some of its other products.

“We had previously been able to write flags to the registry to enable installs, but Google’s Chrome update last week significantly reduced the ability of third parties to deliver their own apps. We were able to build a workaround solution but it appears that Google intends to tightly control the delivery of HTML5 apps on Chrome.” -Jennifer McEwen, co-founder

MiKandi hasn’t had the best of experiences with Google. Their Google Glass app, Glass and Tits was recently pushed out of market. As you can imagine, it is a bit hard for any adult entertainment business to be taken seriously, which is a shame.


MiKandi is only trying to provide a service that makes an experience better. An experience for something millions of people are doing – consuming adult entertainment content. If you are going to do it, at least try to do it right!

The App Store is still in beta, so you might find small problems here and there. Also, not all the content is there, but MiKandi promises to keep updating all the content within the next few weeks. You can find the instructions for installing MiKandi Mint List at the official website. Enjoy!