Miiverse is going mobile soon

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Iwata San announced the company’s plans to take the Wii U’s Miiverse community mobile. As many of you know, up until now, Miiverse has only been accessible through the Wii U, but Nintendo plans on changing that. Starting this Spring, Nintendo Network users will be to access features of Miiverse from their mobile devices by entering their Nintendo ID and Password. With this mobile roll-out of Miiverse, Nintendo promises usability improvements amongst some newly added features:

– The ability to create user communities.
– More than one official communities per title.
– Added filtering functions so that interesting posts can easily be seen.

Wii Fit U is set to be one first titles to take advantage of these features. Will you guys be taking advantage of the Miiverse on the go? Personally, I can’t wait!