New Miiverse update allows favorite posts and revamped profiles


Marty from Miiverse has announced a new update for the social network today. Several new changes are incoming for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, which you’ll see once you launch Miiverse from either console. The first of these changes is a revamped profile that now allows you the ability to select a favorite hand-written post that you’ve done. If you’re particularly fond of a piece of art you’ve managed to create, you can click the spanner on your profile and then select “set as favorite post” to see the post in your profile.

The second biggest change for the service is that you can now give Yeahs to comments as well as the post they’re on, instead of just the posts. If you find a particularly witty comment on someone else’s post, you can now let them know you agree with them!

While these are great improvements for Miiverse as a service, there are still some glaring problems that heavy-users come face-to-face with every day. The biggest of those is the current 3 minute wait time for commenting on posts. If you like to hand draw all of your posts this likely isn’t a problem, but if you’re holding a discussion with someone in the comments section, it can be annoying to have to wait 3 minutes before you can say anything. A shorter timer would do wonders to improve interaction on Miiverse. Hopefully we’ll see this in future updates.

What do you think about these changes? Is Miiverse shaping up to be a community you’re happy to participate in?