Mighty No. 9 is finally coming on June 21st


The development history of Mighty No. 9 has been spotty since the Kickstarter launched back in 2013, with several silent delays and problems cropping up in the three years since the game was funded. Now an official message to backers has been posted on the Kickstarter page, revealing that the game will be headed to Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on June 21st in North America. The rest of the world will get the game on June 24.

In his letter to fans waiting for this announcement, Inafune apologized profusely for keeping fans waiting this long and stated there will be no further delays for the game as the release dates are set in stone.

We understand that as a result of the various delays we have disappointed and let down our fans, but we are happy to finally be able to deliver the game to everyone who brought us this far.

With the game having “gone gold” we are in the last final stages of being able to deliver it into your hands, be that via your favorite retail outlet, or via digital channels.

Therefore the release date we are announcing is set in stone and there will be no further delays for the game.

Were you a backer for Mighty No. 9? Are you excited to finally get your hands on the game next month? Which platform version did you choose?