Microsoft: We’re open to more cross-platform games with Nintendo

Despite currently losing the console war to Sony, Microsoft is at the forefront of cross-platform play. They opened up for Xbox One and PC cross platform gaming, and with Minecraft and Rocket League, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players will be able to play with each other.

And Microsoft is open to more cross platform games between the Xbox One and Switch.

Company president Mike Ybarra recently said in an interview that Microsoft is open to more cross platform with the other platform holders.

“Valve is right down the street from us, Nintendo is too – they’re like a block from us. We’re having these discussions as developers come up, and we’re completely open to that” he said.

He added “I don’t care about where they play, I just want people to have fun playing games because that’s just better for the industry”. Which seems to be the right approach.

However, the biggest player in the industry, Sony, is still not on board. And Sony has been pretty candid as to why, with its top boss saying that it’s “a commercial discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders”.

In other words, we’re the top dogs now and we don’t have to play with the little guys.