Microsoft targets Chrome in leaked “Scroogled” ad [VIDEO]

Microsoft has been throwing attacks at Google in its “Scroogled” ad campaign and today’s target is… our beloved Chrome! The leaked Scroogled video is said to be an internal ad that wasn’t supposed to see the light of day. Somehow it got leaked, though, leaving Chrome users a bit upset.

More specifically, the ad targets the way Google uses Chrome to take your personal information, use it for better targeting apps and even make a profit. The video copies Google by taking music and video from one of Chrome’s ads and modifying it to go against the Search Giant.

chrome-noThough the video is a bit more discrete and well thought out, it still comes off as desperate to us. Especially considering Microsoft has been asking Google to support the Windows Phone 8 platform with its services. Microsoft is really attacking the company it might need the most. And if you ask us, it’s done in a rather immature and silly way.

Yes, Google does use your search habits and personal information to target ads. Yes, it does make a profit out of it. Does Microsoft work day and night for free? Every company out there is making a profit from you, just in different ways. Google happens to offer its services for free (or very cheap), and makes a profit mostly from ads.

In fewer words, Microsoft is simply trying to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to try to scare people off Google’s services. Microsoft, you can try and make better products. You are doing a pretty good job with Windows Phone 8. In this case, though, targeting Chrome is a bit silly. Instead, improve your lackluster Internet Explorer and beat Chrome, that’s how you get more users away from the most popular browser in the planet.

Google’s original Chrome video

[via WinSource]