And Microsoft continues to throw silly attacks at Chromebooks [RANT]

I came across another Chromebook commercial by Microsoft this week. Yeah, you read that right. It’s not actually a Chroembook commercial, but these Windows ads are sure starting to seem like they are! They just can’t stop talking about Chrome OS laptops!

“It’s not like Chromebooks that can’t install Office, or have to be connected to the internet to get much done.”

You already know how I feel about the Scroogled campaign, so my feelings about this ad should come as no surprise. I find it silly that they need to at least mention Chromebooks and their downsides (which are not really downsides).

Don’t get me wrong, I actually happen to like the product they offer (ASUS X200CA Touch). It’s a great laptop for under $280, and it should be great for many of you. Maybe it’s even better than a Chromebook for some, but Microsoft having to say it just seems desperate. A cheap move.

What do you think? Is Microsoft really winning this battle, or just looking silly?

[via WinSource]