Michael Pachter: “I’ll buy a Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2”

Game analyst Michael Pachter has been an outspoken critic of the Wii U over the past few months, but he has also had some good things to say about Nintendo’s new console. After the Wii U price and launch date were revealed, Pachter said that he thinks it will sell out for months, and that the first party Nintendo titles looked great.

He has more good things to say in the latest episode of his show Pach Attack. He’s impressed that Nintendo got Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive, and says that he was a big fan of the first game. In fact, he says “I’m gonna buy a Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2. I like Nintendo first party content, but I love Bayonetta”. He believes that Bayonetta 2 is so important for Nintendo that the game alone could account for 1 million extra Wii U consoles sold.

Pachter also comments on Nintendo scheduling their event right after Apple’s iPhone 5 unveiling, saying that it was a bad move. Most game industry insiders believe that the iPhone 5 overshadowed the Wii U, which received little to no press coverage in the days after the price and release date unveiling. Some asked whether the Wii U was struggling to build a buzz among the mainstream audience.

But Nintendo doesn’t seem to be bothered — they’ve only just recently started advertising the Wii U to the general public, with the first billboards spotted in Japan last week.

Check out the full Pach Attack episode below, which also touches up on mobile gaming and whether it threatens home consoles or not.