Michael Pachter says Switch could outsell Xbox One this year

The most famous video game analyst in the world, Michael Pacther, whom Nintendo fans love to hate, recently commented on the Nintendo Switch and its sales potential for 2017.

And he was quite optimistic: he said during the latest episode of his show Pachter Factor that the Switch could outsell the Xbox One this year, based on the current trend.

“Switch could sell as many as 14 million [this year] and if that happens, that’s more than Xbox One, which sells about 10-11 million per year”.

But he does not believe that the Switch could outsell the Wii (and neither do we), saying that:

“Over time, Switch will do 50 million [units sold] if price comes down, the question is, will it do 100 million? I don’t think so. That’s 20 million a year. 10 million per year? Sure, but 20 million a year, ever? Probably not.”

And to make sure he got his point across, he said “when people talk about this thing being as big as the Wii, they’re crazy.”

The Switch is definitely on track to beat the Xbox One this year. Question is, could it beat the Xbox One in lifetime sales? Microsoft stopped releasing sales numbers when they fell behind Sony by a large margin, but current estimates are that they’ve sold about 30 million units.

Check out the full episode in the video above.