Mewtwo and Lucas coming to Super Smash Bros. as DLC


The lead up to today’s Nintendo Direct featured a trailer showcasing Mewtwo’s moves in the Super Smash Bros. series. We’ve known about Mewtwo for a while now, as he was originally planned as a DLC character because his development was not finished by the time the team was ready to ship the game. For fans who purchased both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, you’ll be able to get Mewtwo as a free download.

For those who didn’t both purchase both games, you’ll need to fork over $3.99 for one version, or $4.99 to have him available on both versions. He’ll be available for download on April 28th, but as a special reward to those who purchased both games, you’ll get your download code on April 15th.

Lucas is another DLC character that was announced for the game, hailing from the Japanese game Mother 3 that was never released outside of Japan. Lucas was previously available in Brawl, but will be joining the Smash Wii U & 3DS cast this June.

In addition to the two new fighters, Nintendo is opening a fighter ballot asking the community which fighters they’d like to see in upcoming DLC packs for Super Smash Bros. Of course not every request will be honored, but it’s nice to see Nintendo opening a dialogue with their fans to see which characters that were left out of the initial release will make it into Super Smash Bros.