MercurySteam could be working on a Metroid Wii U prototype [RUMOR]


With Metroid Prime: Federation Force being a huge disappointment for many fans who wanted a game on Wii U, it seems like all hope may not be last. There have been rumors over the years that Nintendo is working on a Metroid title for Wii U, but most recently Nintendo Life has confirmed that MercurySteam, a Spanish developer behind Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, has begun work on a pitch for the series to Nintendo.

According to the report, work on the prototype was begun earlier this year and though the pitch was unsolicited from Nintendo, the team planned on creating a game for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. According to internal descriptions, the game has been described as a first-person game within a post apocalyptic environment. The main pitch of the game would see players take the role of Samus again, but the main cast also included seven other playable bounty hunters, similar to Metroid Prime: Hunters.