Meta Knight amiibo release date moved to February 20


Meta Knight is part of wave three of the Super Smash Bros. amiibos that are being released and in the United States, it’s exclusive to Best Buy. There has been some concern over the release of this amiibo, as it was originally scheduled to be released at the beginning of February, along with the other amiibos that make up wave three. We’ve seen Sonic, Toon Link, Bowser and others already available on store shelves, but there’s been no word from Best Buy about Meta Knight until now.

A Best Buy representative emailed everyone who has a pre-order for Meta Knight to let them know that the release date is now scheduled for February 20. If you haven’t already pre-ordered Meta Knight from your local Best Buy and want to snag one before he becomes super rare, February 20 is your day. Here’s the email that was sent to all pre-order holders:

There has been a change to the release date of the pre-ordered item listed below. The new release date is 02/20/2015. If that is okay with you, and you accept the change, you don’t have to do anything.

To find more information on this order please check your order status.

Thanks for shopping at Best Buy.


Karalyn Sartor
Vice President Customer Care