Mega releases Android app, will you use it over Google Drive now?


One of the beauties of using an internet-based platform is that we are not limited to the manufacturer – Google. Though Chrome and Chrome OS will always work better with Google’s services, nothing is stopping us from using competing online products.

We usually tend to prefer Google’s goodies, anyways, but would you leave Drive for a better cloud storage solution? Though I still believe Google Drive is #1, there is one cloud storage solution that gets really close. Yes, I am talking about Kim Dotcom’s MEGA.

I bring up the subject today because it just so happens that MEGA’s Android app has just gone live in the Google Play Store. The only obvious downside to MEGA was that it lacked a mobile app. And things will get even better soon, after MEGA releases its iOS app and Windows client.

Download MEGA from the Google Play Store

So how is MEGA better than Google Drive? It’s not, necessarily, but it does offer some benefits. MEGA is much cheaper compared to Google Drive, which was already considered very affordable. MEGA’s lowest paid plan offers you 500 GB for $9.99 a month. That same amount of money will get you 200 GB on Google Drive.


I have tested the app and must say I like it. It is very minimalistic and straight forward. Files seem to download/upload very quickly and there is nothing to complain about just yet. The app does offer camera sync for your Android device, so if you like that feature you won’t be missing out. It is really becoming a full featured service. And with 50 GB for free one really can’t complain.

I currently have 1 TB on Google Drive for free (included with the Chromebook Pixel) and love how Google Drive integrates with all my Google devices. Obviously, I won’t be switching any time soon, but I have a feeling I would use MEGA much more if it wasn’t for my free Google Drive TB.

Are you using MEGA? Will you be using it over other cloud storage solutions (including Drive)?