Rumor: Mario Party 10 amiibo will be more plentiful than Smash amiibos


One of the surprise announcements of the most recent Nintendo Direct was a set of amiibos for Mario Party 10. The amiibo set contains six figures that are considered classic characters, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi and Toad. The design for these amiibo is slightly different, making them part of a separate set of amiibo that aren’t designed with Smash in mind (though they’ll work with it just fine).

According to a GameStop employee trusted by Destructoid, this set of amiibo will be much more plentiful than the Smash amiibos that people are still clamoring to find. According to GameStop, a Nintendo rep told his store that this particular set of amiibo will be stocked in abundance and that no one should worry about not being able to get their hands on them. According to that rep, the only amiibo in this set that will have smaller printing numbers is Toad and even then, he wouldn’t be considered rare.

Considering all the pre-order cancellations and problems we’ve seen with obtaining amiibo since their launch in November, it’s not hard to see why people are clamoring to pre-order the new set. Everyone wants to guarantee they’ll have one available to them when the set is released with Mario Party 10. Nintendo should really start talking candidly about the availability of amiibo and whether or not we’ll see more reprints of Smash amiibos that are already hard to find.

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