Mario Kart Grumble Volcano Wii vs. Wii U comparison [VIDEO]

With Mario Kart 8 just around the corner, several YouTube personalities who have gotten their hands on the game early have been taking a look at the tracks we’re familiar with and comparing them to the new high-definition version found in Mario Kart 8. As confirmed by Eurogamer yesterday, Mario Kart 8 does run at 1080p/60fps even while in split-screen two player mode, so it’s interesting to see these tracks compared side-by-side.

Grumble Volcano is one of the harder Mario Kart tracks with multiple pathways and obstacles that can mess you up even without other karters laying down banana traps. The video above takes a look at the Wii vs. Wii U version of the track, where you can note the differences between the textures, as well as the improved skybox for the track. Princess Peach is the character being played and you can see notable differences there as well, such as move movement of her hair and dress when jumping.

Be sure to turn the video quality up to 1080p and have a look, because it’s definitely worth it.