New details for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team gameplay


During today’s Nintendo Direct, Erik Peterson of the Nintendo Treehouse gave us a better look at some of the gameplay features for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, which is releasing on the Nintendo 3DS on August 11th.

“This time around, the badges you wear in battle work in pairs, and can be combined for distinct results. By successfully landing attacks, you can charge up your badge meter. And depending on which badge you are using, you can earn HP restores, inflict additional damage to enemies, and a whole lot more.”

This adds an element of strategy to the game that the Mario & Luigi RPG games are known to include, which is a welcome addition. Aside from the badges players can earn, micro-challenges are also being incorporated into the game. For example, dodging 10 attacks in a row will reward a player with additional items to be used in the game.

Hint blocks also make an appearance if you fail in battle, providing you with useful tips and tricks so you can survive the next round.