Manage And Save All Your Tabs To The Cloud With TabCloud

If you’re a tab junkie like me, you’ve probably ran into the problem of having more tabs open than you know what to do with. Scouring the internets in my normal day-to-day routine I find I like to save stuff for later, but don’t always want to commit to bookmarking it forever in Chrome. Also, I always leave the house and a lot of times I find myself wishing I could access those tabs from my Android smartphone.

Thankfully I came across TabCloud. The extensions works exactly as you would think. Simply click the extension’s button, and it will save all current tabs opened to TabCloud’s server allowing you to access these clouds on your phone via web browser.

I know there are other forms of bookmarking type extensions like Read It Later but I found those tedious after having to save every tab individually.

Until Google releases some kind of bookmark syncing with Android, I’m glad I found TabCloud and it gives me the piece of mind and knowing that all my tabs are safely tucked away nicely in a cloud on the net (even if I’ll never look at them again).