Chromebook Pixel vs. Macbook Air (2013)


Apple has announced its brand new 2013 Macbook Air models and we know many of you are wondering how these new Apple computers compete against the Chromebook Pixel. They run for similar price points and both offer great features. You can see a comparison of the most important specs above, but it is a bit unfair to put them side by side and compare their raw specifications.

Chrome OS and Mac OS X Mavericks are completely different operating systems. Apple’s alternative would be considered a “full OS” while Google’s platform is web-based. Not that a web-based platform can’t be as full as a native one, but Chrome OS simply hasn’t gotten there yet. With that said, Apple’s Macbooks will give you much more options in terms of programs, applications and offline usability.

Which one is for me?

Deciding whether you want the Pixel or a Macbook Air depends very much on your usage. For many, having any computer without an internet connection is already obsolete. Some people use their computers just for the web. And simple tasks like word editing can be done offline with a Chromebook Pixel too! This means that if you mostly use your computer for internet and some office work, you will love a Chromebook Pixel.

So what are the benefits of a Chromebook OS computer?


The Chrome OS platform is very simple and fast (boots in just a few seconds and RARELY stutters). It doesn’t need amazing specs to operate and that is why other manufacturers like Acer have released Chromebooks for as low as $200. The Chromebook Pixel signals a new age for Chrome OS, though. We can make powerful Chromebooks that will lead the industry.

The Chromebook Pixel has an amazing display. It’s simply stunning; better than any laptop screen you have seen. You don’t have to take it just from me, most other tech bloggers will agree. The Chromebook Pixel’s display also happens to be touch-enabled. You can interact with your web apps and internet content with your very own hands!

The cash factor

macbook-air-pricesOf course, this is the most important factor when deciding to purchase a new computer. It is all about the bang for the buck, and in this area the Macbook Air does have the advantage. You can get a Macbook Air for as low as $999, while the Chromebook Pixel goes for $1,299 at its cheapest. The $999 Macbook Air has the same specs as the Chromebook Pixel (save for the display) and offers all the benefits of a full computer.

You can also give the Macbook Air some serious updates if you want to spend $1,299 on it. At the end of the day, though, the Chromebook Pixel (or any Chromebook) will perform better. That’s the benefit of running a light operating system.


As mentioned, it’s hard (and even a little unfair) to compare these computers. Which one is the best? It depends very much in your needs. If you are a web user that only does a few things here and there offline, the Chromebook Pixel will get the job done. It will boot in the blink of an eye and perform very well. It’s screen will also beat any of the competitors (even the Retina Display Macbook Pros).

chromebook-pixel-2If price and full OS functionality is a big decision factor for you, the Macbook Air will probably be more enticing. Not to mention, Apple’s computers have an amazing battery life. They can also be a bit smaller if you like carrying the computer around, but the Chromebook Pixel is not doing bad in that department either.

Personally, I use both s Macbook and a Chromebook. If I was forced to choose between one, though, my job would have me forced to use a computer with a “full OS”. That is not the case for everyone, though. I would have gladly chosen the Pixel over a Macbook Air if I was in college studying History all over again. What about you?