LucidChart Giving Away 100 Cr-48 Chrome Netbooks

If you’re an HR professional or involved in any type of organizational planning or mapping out and brainstorming things visually, you’ll DEFINITELY want to check out a Chrome App called LucidChart. It basically lets you – directly from your web browser – create awesome visual flow charts. Not only that, you can share and collaborate in real-time just like Google Docs!

They’re running a contest and giving away 100 Cr-48 Netbooks so there is definitely incentive to give them a whirl. To enter, you’ve just got to download the app, create a flow-chart, and enter/share it with the community:

Here is the entry I submitted on behalf of

Head on over to download LucidChart and enter their contest. Let us know how you like the app and also link us to your entry! Here is an example of someone else’s flow chart made by LucidChart: