Lucario amiibo is exclusive to Toys R Us


Continuing on the train of exclusivity for amiibo figures is the announcement that Lucario will be exclusive to Toys R Us. The toy mega giant finally released the page for the upcoming amiibo, but it’s marked as exclusive to the store. If you want to do battle with this Pokemon in Super Smash Bros., you’ll need to have a Toys R Us near you.

A few days ago we reported that some amiibo will be more rare than others, which could lead to shortages once the initial print for the first run of figures has run out. Exclusivity doesn’t help that, as we already have Shulk exclusive to GameStop and Meta Knight exclusive to Best Buy. If things continue down this path and amiibo figures all have exclusivity deals with the same stores that sell Skylanders, we’re still waiting for Target and Walmart’s exclusivity announcements.