Little Mac and Captain Falcon amiibo refresh in Best Buy stores


If you missed your chance to pick up Little Mac or Captain Falcon during their initial wave, we’ve got good news for you. Thanks to sleuths at reddit and a handful of Best Buy associates, it looks like certain Best Buy stores around the nation will be receiving new stock on Little Mac. Captain Falcon is rumored to be restocked as well, but no concrete information about the restock for his amiibo was able to be uncovered. Here’s what one Best Buy associate posting on reddit stated:

I can see some in transit for some stores but not all. It looks like shipments of 8. This isn’t a false alarm or grain of salt. They haven’t shown in transit since they released. Good luck on grabbing one if you haven’t yet. This is a great sign of things to come.

According to the post, several Best Buy locations around the United States are slated to have new stock starting this Thursday and through next Tuesday. These amiibo are listed as in transit, so it means there will definitely be stock available once the shipment arrives. Because the amiibos are being shipped in small batches to individual stores, it’s unlikely that the Best Buy website will show these available for shipping, so you’ll need to go into a store in your area to check.

If you’re curious about which stores will have new stock, be sure to check out the post on r/amiibo to confirm whether or not a store in your location will have new stock, or call and ask your closest Best Buy if they’re receiving new stock.