Little Mac amiibo listed as discontinued by GameStop & Best Buy


It looks like Little Mac is the latest amiibo to be discontinued, as we have reports from both GameStop and Best Buy that Little Mac is marked as discontinued in their system, which means neither store will be receiving anymore stock. We got a tip from a Best Buy employee confirming the drop in their system, while other sources are reporting that GameStop has the amiibo marked as discontinued as well.

Hey, I work at a Best Buy in Ohio. I was checking our internal systems the other day at work and found that certain Amiibo are labeled as “deleted”. This status means that nobody can purchase any more of these figures as they will no longer be sending any out to any stores in out market. That status is only there so if somebody would need to return it. Other than that, Nada. These amiibo are (surprise surprise) little Mac, marth, WFT and villager.

It looks like Little Mac will be joining the ranks of the discontinued. We’ve yet to hear any news from Nintendo on what they plan on doing with discontinued amiibos, other than offering them on cards at some point in the future. Perhaps that will be one of the topics addressed in a Nintendo Direct in the future.

Were you able to pick up a Little Mac figure before he got discontinued?

Thanks for the tip, Toby!