Listen! Google Android powerful podcast search

Listen Google Android App

Is there nothing Android can´t do? Google has released yet another free smartphone app powered by Android.

The new app is called Listen, and it´s an application for smartphones that allows users to search for, download, queue, or stream podcasts and other Web audio content. Users can simply go to Google’s Android Market and install their Listen app.

So how does it work?
To search for content, hit “Popular searches” from the home screen to see the latest audio searches other users are interested in. So far, users are mostly raving about how user friendly Listen is. The most common complaint is that it could be more intuitive in managing your downloads.

It´s search is very good, as you would expect from a Google app, but though play or cue buttons are easy to find, the subscribe button is hidden. It´s a check box in the upper right corner.

Check it out!