LG to release a set of Chrome OS devices?


I haven’t been this excited about any other manufacturer coming to Chrome OS. LG has been doing an amazing job making Android smartphones. In fact, the LG G2 got a stellar review from me last week. The phone is beat by none, and I am hoping the same fate will follow the rumored Chrome OS devices LG is said to release.

Three trademarks filed by LG suggest that the Korean manufacturer is set to jump into the Chrome OS bandwagon relatively soon. Said trademarks are for the names “ChromeOne”, “ChromeStation” and “ChromeDesk”. We don’t want to give you false hopes, but we are pretty sure we are talking about Chrome OS devices here. Unless one of them is a Chromecast-like device, but we doubt it.

If I had to guess, I would say the ChromeOne will be Chromebook while the ChromeStation and ChromeDesk will be LG’s Chromeboxes. Nothing is confirmed just yet, though. Companies often file for trademarks only to do nothing with them, but at the very least we know LG is toying with the idea.

More interesting is the fact that this is even a possibility. LG is not a laptop manufacturer, so they would be stepping into completely new territory. They are backed by a very simple and well-done software, though. We are sure their mobile experience would be of great use as long as they take the right precautions. Bring them, LG!