Let’s Talk Smash: Your 5 favorite moments from the Nintendo Direct

Super Smash Bros Wii U Zelda screenshots

Last week during the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, several new additions and changes were announced for the game. We covered all of this on Wii U Daily, but aftewards we put up a discussion post asking readers to share their favorite changes and new additions to the game. After more than 4,000 votes, we’ve taken tally all the things that were mentioned during the Nintendo Direct to see which changes were most favorable with players. This survey ran for a week.

Overall the thing people were most excited about was the reveal of Charizard and Greninja. It garnered nearly 15% of the vote, with 630 responses saying they were excited about the reveal. While Charizard was shown as being able to mega-evolve, we’ve not seen what his mega-evolution is, so there’s still some exciting news in that front.

The second most popular announcement from the Nintendo Direct was the announcement of For Fun and For Glory modes. Around 14% of the people who took the survey responded that they were excited about this new addition that allows for regular Super Smash Bros. matches to take place in For Fun, where losses aren’t recorded, while competitive types can enjoy the For Glory mode, where no items and every stage’s Final Destination mode are used. Both wins and losses are recorded in this arena.


Aside from changes to the game itself, the third most popular change among users surveyed was the combination change to Zelda and Samus. Both Zelda and Samus had their transformations removed so that Sheik and Zero Suit Samus are now separate characters. Some players reacted negatively to this change in the initial Nintendo Direct read we posted, but after looking at the survey results it seems like this will be a positive change for many players. More than 10% of the surveyed players said they were excited about this change.

After these three, the next most popular change was the announcement of custom movesets for singleplayer games and games with friends. The game will ship with the ability to create your own moves, which just over 9% of thoser surveyed said they were excited to experiment with.

Capping off our top five of the changes and announcements players said they were most excited to see is the addition of a new mode for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, called Smash Run. Smash Run is a dungeon crawler hybrid, where players are given 5 minutes to explore a dungeon loaded with monsters from Nintendo IPs. These monsters drop several power ups that affect the player in significant ways, such as speed, special attack, and defense. After the five minutes is up, players are shown everyone’s powerups and then they’re sent to the arena to duke it out in typical Smash Bros. style. It’s a shame this mode won’t be making it into the Wii U version.

So what about the rest of the questions? Most people were excited for changes to the movesets of the various characters that were discussed. Both Mega Man’s and Little Mac’s moveset were highly voted for, while changes such as King Dedede’s moveset got little to no votes. Players seem least excited about the new additions of the Wii Fit Trainer and The Villager from Animal Crossing, as they were two of the least voted for moveset options. You can see all the results from our survey below.