Lenovo to release multiple Chromebooks by the summer


Lenovo hasn’t been too active in the Chrome OS market. The company released the ThinkPad X131e Chromebook last year, but it was mainly for education. Lenovo has a strong foot on the laptop market, and they plan to enter the Chromebook market with a big push this year.

Jay Parker, president of Lenovo North American operations told Cnet the company would be releasing multiple Chromebooks by the summer of 2014. These would have different price points and come in different configurations.


It seems Lenovo is aiming to cover the consumer market better. Having multiple configurations makes for a broader range of people to cater to. Of course, Lenovo will have to be smart if it wants to succeed. The Chromebook market is dominated by Samsung and Acer right now, and they are hard to beat.

Lenovo will have to bring either very unique, or very affordable Chromebooks in order to compete. Some people just love Lenovo’s computers, though. Their build quality and well-constructed machines may be enough to lure many of you in!