LEGO The Hobbit for Wii U delayed until April 22 in North America


Yesterday we showed you the launch trailer for Warner Bros. Interactive’s new title, LEGO The Hobbit. The game will be launching today on other platforms, but the Wii U version will not be released until April 22. According to the press release, the Wii U version will be launching on April 11 alongside the other versions in the UK, so we’re unsure why this just pertains to North America if that is the case.

While the delay is only about a week, it still stings that every time there is a third-party release, especially from Warner Bros. Interactive, it seems as though there’s a delay or features have been removed from the Wii U version. It’s hard to keep accepting excuses that the Wii U isn’t doing well, as the LEGO games have traditionally done well on the platform.

Does this delay affect your purchasing decision at all?