Man spends 2 years building massive LEGO version of Zelda’s Hyrule Castle


LEGO enthusiast Joseph Zawada spent over two years of his life building one of the most amazing LEGO creations we’ve ever seen: a massive Hyrule Castle replica from Zelda.

As the video below shows, the castle is very detailed and obviously includes a ton of LEGO bricks. According to Zawada, the biggest challenge was getting the roof right, making sure it can support itself while making it look like the actual Hyrule castle roof.

He used the castle from Zelda: Twilight Princess as inspiration, and spent some 2.5 years building it. He currently takes the castle to LEGO showcases, where it’s broken down into 40 large prices and transported by two cars.

Check out a video of the castle below with an interview with Zawada, who talks about his creation.