Here’s what LEGO City: Undercover looks like on Switch vs. PS4

LEGO City: Undercover debuted on the Switch and several other platforms yesterday after being a Wii U exclusive for several years. Now that the game is available cross-platform, some curious gamers have taken to comparing the Switch and the PS4 version to see how they hold up next to each other.

Remember, this game debuted on the Wii U back in 2013 and it seems as though very little optimization was done to get it ready for launching on other platforms. The textures on the PS4 look just a bit more crisp to me, which may be due to the resolution of the game.

Either way, I’ve got the game in hand and played it a bit last night. You may have caught me streaming it if you follow me on Twitch. So far it seems like it’s a pretty faithful port of the original with all of the Wii U GamePad communicator parts scrubbed out. That was one of the things that made the original truly unique and I can say that it does feel different to play without it.

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