Legless Princess Peach amiibo sells for $25k on eBay


Finding amiibos with defects and putting them on eBay seems to be all the rage, as we now have another defected amiibo sold for a massive amount on the online auction site. First up was a Samus amiibo that featured twin arm cannons. Now, a Princess Peach amiibo sans legs has been sold for $25,000. You read that right, there are three zeroes after those numbers.

It should be noted that the winning bidder of this auction actually has zero eBay feedback, so it’s likely the person will never actually PAY that much for the amiibo and the person selling it is being trolled. But as amiibo become more popular and more of these defects are discovered, there will certainly be a market for collectors who want to capture all of the rarities that get found in printing these.

Nintendo has confirmed that some amiibo won’t be receiving a second reprint after their initial run, so the fact that these defects could occur on one of these amiibo that will only have a short run mean you could have amiibo selling for thousands of dollars. Examine all of the amiibo closely the next time you go to buy one, you never know what you could find.