Leaked NX controller was fake, here’s how the hoaxer did it [VIDEO]

After two different images appeared showing a controller that seemed to be based on a patent filing several months ago, the gaming community was set alight. Turns out the controllers were just an elaborate hoax, perpetrated with the use of a 3D printer and a little bit of ingenuity.

The “leaked” black NX controller pictures that first made their appearance on reddit are the brainchild of Frank Sandqvist, who felt that the previous leak wasn’t good enough and he thought he could do better by using his company’s 3D printer. Sandqvist’s high-quality images had even the best hoax callers baffled, which is why he’s released a YouTube video showing how he made the controller and put the hoax together.

It’s certainly an interesting perspective and it just goes to show, you really can’t trust high quality images until the company themselves make an announcement. Nintendo has been noticeably quiet about the controller and possible leaks.