Larry Page suffering from vocal chord paralysis, wants you to help make a difference

larry-pageLarry Page’s voice hasn’t been the strongest lately, which is much to say considering he is leading Google as CEO. In short, he is Google’s main voice, and we have been worried about him for a while. He is definitely not taken down by his condition, though. As can be expected from a good leader, he is making the best of his situation and turning things around to make a difference.

He explains that he has suffered from vocal chord paralysis for a long time. A very bad cold caused his left vocal chord to stop functioning 14 years ago. This situation repeated itself last summer, causing his other vocal chord to become partially paralyzed. Thankfully, this condition is not life-threatening, but his ability to speak is greatly affected.

He can’t speak very well, but Larry is keeping his spirits up. He mentions his condition makes him a better CEO, forcing him to choose his words more carefully. His situation has also inspired him to learn more about vocal chord paralysis and try to make a change.

He is now funding the Vocal Health Institute, but is asking us to help the cause in a small, yet important manner. This happens to be a rare condition, so not enough information is available for research and improvements. If you have ever experienced something similar, you can go ahead and take a survey that will help try and find solutions for those suffering from this condition.

Though we won’t be hearing Larry’s voice very much, let’s keep him in mind and support him in his struggle. We are sure he will continue to do a great job at Google, so if he speaks up we should definitely listen more carefully. And right now he is asking for your help.

[Larry Page via GTV Source]