New rumor suggests LA Noire is getting remastered for Switch

We’ve seen some interesting rumors about games coming to Nintendo Switch, some of which have turned out to be true and others that haven’t materialized yet. The Rabbids and Mario crossover game was probably the best surprise at E3, so it’s hard to write these rumors off when things like that happen.

Noted leaker Yan2295 took to Twitter in January to speculate that Rockstar might be considering a remastered version of LA Noire that will debut on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

While things have been silent since January, a new rumor about VR support for the game has renewed interest in the title. The site reporting the rumor says they’ve been able to verify with three different sources that a remaster with VR support is being considered.

We have heard from three separate sources related to Rockstar that VR features have been prototyped for the Playstation release of the game, indicating that a VR mode might well be on its way.

At this point it’s all rumor and speculation, but would you be interested in playing LA Noire on your Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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