Koei Tecmo is aware of the campaign to get Fatal Frame outside of Japan


When a new Fatal Frame game was announced earlier this year, many fans of the series hoped that Koei Tecmo and Nintendo planned to bring it to the West once it was released in Japan. One grassroots effort to ensure both Koei Tecmo and Nintendo know that Fatal Frame: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden is something Western gamers want is the Twitter hashtag #WeWantFatalFrame.

Wii U gamers have been using it to express interest in the game ever since Nintendo stepped up its marketing efforts with the title by using Japanese streaming site NicoNico to showcase some of the gameplay that is going into the series. No official response from either Koei Tecmo or Nintendo has been given until yesterday, when Koei Tecmo’s European Twitter account finally acknowledged the demand for the title.

This particular branch of Koei Tecmo has acknowledged the fan requests for the game to be released and despite stating that the game is for Japan only, it still seems open that the possibility of the game eventually coming to the West remains open. Translations of games from Japanese into English always have a rather long development cycle unless the game is planned to be released across the globe from the start.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Fatal Frame released on the Wii U in the West some time next year, as that is exactly the path that smaller niche titles like Fantasy Life, Bravely Default, and Yokai Watch have taken on the Nintendo 3DS. Either way, it’s good to see at least one of the publishers involved in the title acknowledge that there has been a significant show of support for a Western release of the game.