KnightOut seeking funding for Switch release on Fig

The Switch is becoming a popular destination for local and online multiplayer games, no doubt thanks to the system’s portability and grab and go nature. That’s why I’m excited to see games like KnightOut being announced for PC alongside Switch.

That’s especially true because KnightOut reminds me of an older online PC game called King Arthur’s Gold that’s all about building castles and then fighting the other team while trying to avoid the traps they built into the castle. Sound fun? That’s essentially KnightOut.

The game is currently seeking funding on the Fig crowdfunding platform, which is dedicated solely to games and has the benefit of being created by industry veterans who felt that Kickstarter wasn’t the best platform for getting a game off the ground. The campaign just launched so there is still 30 days left on the timer. At the time of writing, already the game has reached 50% of its $15,000 funding goal.

These are the types of game I like to see targeting Switch, since it’s a self contained system that can be taken anywhere and at least two people can enjoy said games.

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