Kirby Triple Deluxe Nintendo Direct Trailer

On the 18th of December Nintendo decided to give us the presumable last Nintendo Direct of the year and in my opinion it was one of the best I’ve seen for a while.

Not only did we get a surprise announcement for the crossover game Hyrule Warriors and NES remix for the Wii U, Mr. Satoru Iwata gave us some juicy insight into the new Kirby Triple Deluxe title.

The video above reveals some interesting gameplay that incorporates the 3rd dimension into this side scrolling adventure, some new Kirby abilities that have been created specifically for this game and 2 new modes that are going to be in the upcoming title.

The first of the two modes revealed is Kirby Fighter. This mode much is like Super Smash Bros. except you must chose one of 10 Kirbys–all with different abilities–as your character to fight it out.

The second mode revealed is Dubbed Dedede’s Drum Dash, which is a rhythmic drum based game in which you must tap buttons in sync to the music to jump and collect points.

If you’ve got rhythm in your fingers and enjoy some good old Kirby action then this is definitely going to be something to keep an eye on.

Let us know what you thought about this upcoming title in the comments below.