New details revealed about Kirby Triple Deluxe

Kirby triple deluxe

A whole new slew of details have been released about Kirby Triple Deluxe from the Kirby Triple Deluxe official Japanese website, including story details, new powers, artwork and gameplay videos and screenshots.

In his newest outing Kirby must rescue series off-and-on antagonist King Dedede from a multi-armed enemy named Daranza. To do this he must climb the World Tree to the floating kingdom of Floarald, collecting sun stones along the way to reach the boss. If you collect all the sun stones in one level supposedly something will happen, there’s no information as to what yet though.


Several new powers have also been revealed. Among them is the new Beetle power, which can stab enemies before flinging them off and killing them. Also revealed is the new Bell power which Kirby can use to smack enemies or shoot sound waves out at them. We can also see other new powers in the image above like the Leaf and Spear Kirbys, but we don’t know anything about them yet.

One of the new gameplay videos shows Kirby using his “Big Bang” power to solve puzzles and fight enemies, along with other new gameplay elements, like how motion controls will feature into the game. The second video has some footage showing some more classic Kirby like gameplay, like sucking up enemies and gaining their powers, and also features the sword and beam powers.

There are newly revealed collectible key rings that can be bought using star coins. Whether or not these key rings are used for something or are simply nostalgic collectibles is currently unknown. Also shown is a King Dedede-centric musical rhythm minigame.

So what do you think of this big new reveal? Are you excited for the new Kirby game? Let us know in the comments!

[Via The Neogaf Forums]