Joy-Con signal is weak compared to other popular controllers

With the Nintendo Switch now out for at least a week, we’ve got plenty of real world experience of people saying they’re having issues with either the left or right Joy-Con. I’ve personally experienced the issue mostly on might right Joy-Con, but after a quick desync and resync I don’t seem to be having the issue quite as frequently.

Nevertheless, one redditor decided to see if he could quantify the issue by exploring signal strength of the Joy-Con controllers compared to some other devices he had including the Switch Pro Controller, Xbox One controller, and a wireless Logitech gaming mouse. Here’s the signal chart:

As you can see, it’s clear that both the L and R Joy-Cons experience much worse wireless signal at greater distances than other consumer devices. At a distance of 1.5 meters or about five feet, the Joy-Con signal is already in the poor territory. For reference, here’s a quick guide on how the RSSI signal numbers should be read.

  • 0 to -60 = Good
  • -60 to -70 = OK
  • -71 to -90 = Poor
  • -90 and under = Bad

We already know that Nintendo is investigating Joy-Con controller issues, but some people have taken to modding their controllers in an attempt to get a better signal out of them.

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