Japanese gamers are still lining up to get a Switch

It’s been a good three months since the Nintendo Switch launched, and it’s still in very short supply. Especially in Japan, where people are regularly lining up in front of stores as soon as new stock is in.

This weekend, Japanese retailer Bic Camera System got a new shipment of Switch consoles, which they distributed across their stores. One store got just 37 units, which attracted hundreds of people waiting in line across the country.

As the photos show below, people lined up at Bic stores in Japan, all hoping to be the ones who got a chance to buy a Switch.

Switch sales have dropped off in Japan over the past few weeks due to shortages and Nintendo allocating more units to the Western market. Nintendo is rumored to have increased Switch production yet again, this time to 18 million units for this fiscal year.

Via NeoGAF