Japan is getting a Splatoon manga soon

Japan is getting a Splatoon manga soon

Manga-crazy Japan will be getting a Splatoon manga comic book later this month. Not much is known about the manga besides a few images that have been posted on Twitter (1, 2, 3). One thing is for sure: it doesn’t look like it’s an official Nintendo creation — the Nintendo logo doesn’t appear on the cover of the book, and the company rarely allows for their IP to be used for other media such as comic books.

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According to Japanese sources, the Splatoon manga is a one-time thing that is included in this month’s issue of CoroCoro Comic — CoroCoro is a monthly Japanese manga magazine published by Shogakukan.

Splatoon launches later this month, exclusively on the Wii U. There are a few more pics of the Splatoon manga below: